Your highest ambition. To be a mensch.

 This is not about business development, but human development. For generations, the code of wisdom has been handed down from father to son, man to man. We are honoring tradition, and creating the spaces and places where men grow to become mensches. 

What do we offer? Human Development.

Refinement Classes

We are offering classes on skills such as how to dress, how to buy a bottle of wine, how to do your own laundry, how to cook a piece of meat, how to choose a wife, how to be a better manager. We also offer black-belt level classes in interpersonal skills.


We our built with access to CEO, CFO, CPAs, legal and medical professionals, and business leaders and entrepreneurs at the helm. They are willing to offer you their time and energy to build you into the Mensch you always knew you could become. 


We are building a winter 2017 class consisting of amazing Mensch Mentors and young professional candidates. Great men that you could build with for life. 


We will be doing retreats throughout the year to select locations to build skills within us and bonds between us. 

Power Brunches

We will have master class with a Key Note mensch while we share a meal as a UMN family. 


Giving you the chance to discover the potential you posses within. How? Come in and find out.